The Butcher's Choice of Nevada

Pork: 50 Servings per Case 318.00 Per case

Who says you can't have pork for breakfast, lunch or dinner? With the list of pork items we offer, from pork chops to pork tenderloin you're sure to have a great meal any time of the day.

Someone once called pork "the other white meat", succulent, tender and delicious is what our customers attribute as descriptions for our pork products. We believe you will agree with these descriptions once you try The Butchers Choice of Nevada products.

BONELESS Center-Cut Pork Chops
BONELESS Country-Style Ribs
BONELESS Filet pork Steaks
BONELESS Seasoned Pork Roasts
Lemon Pork Cutlets
Pork Tenderloin

We sell only the best cuts of pork!

The Butcher's Choice Management Team

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