The Butcher's Choice of Nevada

We guarantee all of our products for taste, tenderness and freezer-burn. We will gladly exchange any unused portions. We have a 1 Full Year Guarantee. We want you to know that we are a TRUE BATTLE BORN COMPANY and do business 100% correct.

Question: Are your products inspected and guaranteed?

Answer: Yes. All of our products are USDA inspected on site at the processing facility. Butchers Choice of Nevada Inc. guarantees the food you purchase for 12 months from the date of your company receipt or online order.

Question: How do I contact Butchers Choice of Nevada?

Answer: You can reach us by our toll free number (855) 478-7857 or (775) 443-6071, or email us at or you may write us at The Butchers Choice of Nevada 2555 Dickerson Road Reno, NV. 89503. For phone and email enquiries we guarantee a response from Shawn or Pat within 24 hours.

Question: Is The Butchers Choice of Nevada licensed to do business in Nevada?

Answer: Yes. The Butchers Choice of Nevada is licensed by the State of Nevada Health Department as well as the Washoe County Health Department. We carry local licenses and permits in each county that do business in. Feel free to ask our drivers for any current licenses and permits you may want to see or go to our "Licenses & Permits" page to view all of our credentialsd.

Question: How does the Butchers Choice of Nevada's pricing compare to the super market or other home delivery companies?

Answer: Meat prices vary depending on quality, grade and availability. At The Butchers Choice of Nevada we understand that there are numerous companies where you can purchase meats. We strive to deliver the highest quality food available at an affordable price. We also understand that many families are very busy and are looking for ways to save time and money. With this in mind all of our products are packaged individually for easy meal preparation. Our customers enjoy the fact that they do not have to repackage our foods and individual packaging eliminates product waste and spoilage. With individual packaging meal planning is simple and affordable. Compared to other home delivery companies we are able to beat their prices by cutting out the middle man and going straight from the distributor to your door. We feel that we provide one of the best overall values in our industry.

Question: Should I make my check payable to the driver or to "The Butchers Choice of Nevada"?

Answer 1: The Butchers Choice of Nevada will gladly accept your check payable to "The Butchers Choice of Nevada", with valid ID, address and phone number. In the event of a returned check there will be a $25.00 fee assessed.

Answer 2: In some cases our drivers may ask you to make the check payable directly to their name. The reason this is acceptable practice is that on occasion a check is returned for Non-sufficient Funds. We encourage our driver to cash the checks received as soon as they can in order to keep our operating costs down. If you are uncomfortable making your check out to the driver then simply make it out to "The Butchers Choice of Nevada" and include driver’s license number, physical address and phone number. In the event of a returned check there will be a $25.00 fee assessed.

Question: When I look online under Butchers Choice Meats I see Rip Off reports, scam alerts and other bad publicity. Why is that?

Answer: Please do not confuse our company with Butchers Choice Meats. They are a company with a horrible reputation based out of Romeoville, Illinois. The Butchers Choice of Nevada has NO affiliation with them. When we opened our doors in September 2011 we were unaware of this other company. As we began to grow from time to time we started getting calls from customers concerned that we were selling rotten, outdated meat because they had seen reviews of this other company online. This left us with a big decision, either change our valued name or try to build a better reputation with the name we already had chosen. We decided that although it may be challenging we could and would build a great company and keep our name the same. We know that your family’s health and safety are of the utmost importance, as are our own families. With this value in mind we take extra precautions to make certain all food is of the highest quality available and is handled under strict guidelines. It has also been brought to our attention that Butchers Choice Meats has reports of high pressure and deceptive sales tactics. We at Butchers Choice of Nevada understand that you have lots of options when it comes to the purchase of foods for you and your family. While we are motivated to earn your business we in no way want to trick our customers into purchasing something they don’t want or wouldn't use. It is our mission to help our customers find a better alternative for purchasing high quality food at an affordable price from a Nevada Based Business. All of our sales representative are trained to treat our customers or potential customers with the utmost respect. We pride ourselves on customer service and look forward to handling any issues or questions about your purchase. The Butchers Choice of Nevada understands public concerns when they see these bad reviews online, all we ask is please don't judge our company on the actions of other companies. Ask yourself, if any of these statements made relate to your experience with us? We appreciate any feedback that would help us serve you better. You can check us out on Facebook, email us or call (855) 478-7857 or (775) 443-6071.

Question: Where do The Butchers Choice of Nevada's products come from?

Answer: The Butchers Choice of Nevada uses a number of different suppliers. We are constantly improving and upgrading our cases. Our beef cases are packaged in theTri City area of Washington state. Each steak is dry aged, hand cut, flash frozen, vacuum sealed, then shipped directly to our cold storage facility here in Reno, Nevada. All the beef is produced right here in America. There are no additives, no preservatives, no waters or dies and they test negative for hormones and steroids.

Most of our seafood is wild caught when available. Again no water added. No species substitutions.

Ask your sales representative for more information about what products are available, where they are from and any special pricing they may be able to provide you.

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