The Butcher's Choice of Nevada

Beef: 50-56 Servings per case 419.00 Per Case

At The Butchers Choice of Nevada we are dedicated to the highest standards on the beef we provide to you. We are committed to providing our customers with perfectly cut, perfectly trimmed and beautifully marbleized dry aged steaks. Our customers rave about our appetizing pre-marinated beef and love the time savings in their preparation.

Gourmet" King Cut" New York
Gourmet “Queen Cut" New York
Sirloin Rolled In Cracked Peppercorn
Rib Eye Steaks
Boston Style “Sirloin Steaks
"Pub Style" Chopped Beef Patties {these are great for anything that requires ground beef or tasty hamburgers}

We sell only restaurant quality beef!

The Butcher's Choice Management Team

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